LV Monogram Eugenie

LV Monogram Eugenie

  • Classic LV Monogram Canvas exterior with white leather trimmed flip-over flap with a Louis Vuitton engraved brass slip-in clasp closure
  • Leather lining with heat embossed Louis Vuitton Paris, Made in France stamp and product code
  • An open flat pocket, an open paperholder flap, a transparent ID cardholder and card slots in the interior and a flat zipper pocket in the rear exterior
  • LV engraved polished brass trimmings
  • Hand clutch
  • Included as well are: LV care booklet, LV receipt, LV tag and LV cardboard box
  • Cowhide Leather
  • Leather trimmings
  • A flip-over flap with slip-in clasp closure
  • Wallet
  • Brown
  • AAA Quality. Materials used are identical to the real ones. Trademark marks are indistinguishable to the originals.


Dimensions:7.5″ x 1″ x 4″

Shipping Size:Small

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